Staying healthy and mentally fit is everyone’s dream. But it all takes effort, one must therefore start taking precautions early in order to enjoy latter years to the fullest.

For years now we are no longer faced with the question of how long we live but how we spend those years and how we can remain efficient. The so-called “anti-aging” medicine research helps to elaborate and discover new ways to enrich our lives so that we can keep the aging process at bay.

Ageing starts from the age of 40 in all tissues and organs of the human body cannot be stopped on the one hand, but on the other hand it can be modified greatly in effects and intensity. Hence ongoing anti-aging strategies and therapeutic measures to ensure good health and thus contributing to the slowing of aging, wear and tear process.

The life of the human organism is fixed in the genetic code and is approximately 120 years under optimal conditions. The normal aging process begins imperceptibly and gradually between the 30th and 40 age. Internal factors, such as change in hormone levels and external, such as alcohol, smoking, pesticides in food, modulates or accelerates the process. Preventive health measure and a healthy lifestyle can slow this continuous, only one direction ongoing process of aging.

Recognize the signs of aging:

  • Reduction in physical and mental performance
  • Reduction of mental drive, depression
  • Decline in cognitive performance, concentration, attention
  • Lessening of libido and potency
  • Increase in weight, fat redistribution, decrease in muscle strength
  • Changes in skin texture, thickness and elasticity, age spots, cellulite, wrinkles
  • Hair loss, gray hair.

Hormones are responsible for aging

The main cause of these visible changes is the decrease of hormone production with age. The hormones in women and men at any age are significantly responsible for a healthy and youthful appearance. They are the growth factors that have a restoring, strengthening and rejuvenating effect on all skin layers. Face Rejuvenating Anti-Oxidant Cream 2 oz

They influence the regenerative capacity of the skin, the formation of collagen, the water binding capacity of the tissue and its blood supply. The hormones are also responsible for the mental stability, for pleasure and for love. Among the hormones that are responsible for our well being with age include:

  • Melatonin

It is the hormone of conservation. Whenever the body has too little melatonin, it can not find the rest it needs in order to perform all the necessary repair action. A melatonin deficiency can be caused by alcohol, nicotine, but also by the aging process. The addition of this hormone can stabilize the sleep cycle, so that the body can recover sufficiently.

This hormone is the parent of many other hormones that our body needs as well. As an opponent of the stress hormone cortisol on the body, DHEA whenever necessary carries out austerity measures by reducing the speed of biological reactions and thus protects the body from unnecessary waste of energy. It strengthens the memory bridges in the brain and has a protective and nourishing effect on the nerve cells. DHEA also affects fat reducing, as it prevents the synthesis of fat in fat cells.

As the name implies, growth hormone is responsible for the growth of many organs. A deficiency of this hormone is manifested by fatigue, exhaustion, fat gain and reduction in muscle mass, but also psychological changes such as depression and avoiding the company of others. The body produces growth hormone, especially in a state of starvation and in moderate physical activity in the evening. Thus it is possible to activate the production in your own body. In selected cases, it can be supplied as an anti-aging agent.  Human Growth Harmone Factor 1 Oz. SPRAY

  • Estrogen

Estrogenic hormones take over a decisive part in both women and men. They are of great significance to the senses. Low levels of estrogens affect the blood fat metabolism. At a deficiency the skin shrinks and ages skin more quickly, skin and mucous membranes dry out, hence the formation of wrinkles, bone loss progresses rapidly. Moreover dwindling libido and depression can also be experienced.

  • Progesterone

It is particularly important for the water balance, the stability of the veins and bones and for emotional balance. When the hormone is missing, there may be a feeling of tightness in the chest and edema. Typical of progesterone deficiency is also increased irritability. A phenomenon that occurs often during menopause.

  • Androgen

They are the male hormones and play in both the male and the female body an important role. Above all, they are responsible for the libido. People who lack androgens have no desire for sex. Androgen deficiency manifesting itself by externally as well: it leads to an altered, flaccid connective tissue and promotes the infamous “fat ring” at the hips.