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Practicing Positive Thinking

Not everyone believes this but the emotional and mental aspects of a person, when combined, leads to better self improvement.  Emotions love to dominate our actions and reactions, even though we do not want it to happen sometimes. The society often see emotions as a sign of weakness, so people are used to putting them aside and focusing more and more on the rational aspects. Exercising your mind has a physiologically proven chemical effect on your physical condition.

No matter how strict and logical you may be, you will always feel. One way or another, someone or something will get through you. Positive emotions are a lifelong goal for many of us concerned about emotional health and self improvement. People tend to put their positive emotions behind their negative feelings. This is one of the biggest problems that people come across during their lives. With negative thoughts, you affect your body chemistry just as much as eating the wrong kind of food. In order to have a fit body, you should pay attention to a healthy mind hygiene.

There is no clear way to ignore a negative experience and try to replace it with a positive one. Life just does not work that way. For example, if you were a child and your goldfish dies, you would be heartbroken. Your parents will probably buy you another goldfish but the sorrow is still there. Things get even more complex when you become an adult. A fight with your spouse the night before will affect your entire day. You will go to work angry, tired, and your mind will wander and you cannot focus or concentrate properly.

On the way home from work you will not notice the sun shining and you would not be tempted to stop at a roadside stand to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables. All this because that one negative thought has contaminated the way you perceive the reality around you.

In this moment you will realize finding a safe place to relax your mind will do wonders for your emotional and mental improvement. When you pass an evening with negative thoughts, you will probably not get the idea to look for a balance of positive thoughts. Most people do not actually believe or recognize the power of mind or what effects thoughts can have on their bodies.

How negative thoughts affect your body chemistry?

Many factors have an effect on your body, such as the food you eat, or the lifestyle you maintain. But how do thoughts affect your body chemistry? If you have more thoughts that view your world through dark gray sunglasses, your body adjusts itself to your thoughts. The following factors are influenced among other things:

  • Your immune system (they are more susceptible to pathogens)
  • Your muscles (you tense up and strain your entire musculoskeletal system by uneven muscle pull, your posture also changes with time)
  • The chemistry in your brain (you are more prone to mild depression and after years of stress for depression)
  • Your hormone production (you are more prone to anxiety, which may deepen present fears, or path the way to entirely new fears.)

To avoid these negative effects, it would be best not to have any negative thoughts in the first place. What, however, if you have them anyway?

Tips for more positive thoughts

There are some things you can do to influence the direction which your thoughts take: physically and on a spiritual level. Physical methods facilitate relaxation. And in a relaxed state, it is much more difficult for you to have gloomy thoughts. Vice versa this also works of course: Just try thinking, “I am okay” while in an uncomfortable posture. Let us say you have a problem on your mind and it just would not go away. Go bowling. Do not know how? Just give it a shot. Get caught up in the game. Your mind will drift away from the negative thoughts that dominated your last hours or days and start processing a whole new kind of information.

A safe haven can take many forms. That place is relatively easy to find. It can be an actual place or an imaginary location. It can be a song, a movie, even a person or animal. The main thing is allow yourself to get completely involved with this new activity.  The best idea is to totally lose yourself in it. You might still get flashes of the problem every now and then. Ignore it and get even more absorbed in what you are doing.

When the bowling game, the song, or the movie ends you will abruptly return to reality. You will probably want to retreat back to the safe place. Do not do it. The safe place exists only as a helping hand, not as a solution to your life’s problems, may it be a small or big. It serves only as an escape route. You will return from your safe zone with an increased energy level. You will feel better about yourself and gain more confidence.

Physical methods that promote good thoughts:

Sleep Well!

Deep sleep is the best natural method of relaxation, but you do not get that with sleeping pills. On the contrary: this will take you away from your deep sleep. Hence, you feel so “exhausted” after a night of “art” sleep with sleeping pills. It is much better to go out for a half hour walk, about two to three hours before bedtime. Avoid watching TV every evening. If it absolutely has to be, then please don’t watch the late night movie. Make use of a TiVo or other recording devices, record it and watch it the next day. Create a minimum two-hour gap between television and sleeping. Let the evening end with gentle music instead.

Do Not Eat Too Late

Going to bed with full stomach means that you condemn your body to work overtime. Instead of going into the resting phase, it must take care of the digestion, which it can anyhow only do insufficiently. Stop eating at least four hours or more before going to sleep. With this is not only the “great big dinner” meant, but also the wide range of snacks to accompany the evening television movie.

Stretch out after work

When you leave the work place, you should start your evening with a ritual that makes the clear transition for you and your body from work to leisure time.  This helps to get rid of the problem thoughts which constantly revolve in the back of your mind and makes you carry your work load home. Stretch out extensively: arms, legs, your neck, your back, all are just waiting for such a relaxing moment! You should stretch for at least two minutes – or at best until you start to yawn, then the relaxation has started.

If you do this every night, your brain will soon establish a connection; Stretching is relaxation – and that means end of work and start of your recreation time. This is how a small escape from a harsh reality can increase your emotional and mental health. Try to do this often and you are on your way to better self improvement.

TO BE CONTINUED: Mental Methods that help to deal with negative thoughts and help you stay true to yourself while maintaining a positive attitude.

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